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What is in your Salt mix?

What is in your Salt mix?

Posted by Aquatic Solutions, LLC on 12th Oct 2016

Question…why switch to Crystal Sea Marinemix?

Because you’re tired of being short-changed by other salt brands that only yield salinities of 28 to 30 ppt’s?

Because you’re tired of cleaning up unsightly brownish residues left by impurities in other salts?

Because you’re tired of accepting poor service from a corporate conglomerate that happens to sell salt?

Because you’re tired of fighting an uphill battle with salt brands containing 56 to 68 ppm’s of Bromide.

Answer… because you do have a choice!

Crystal Sea is formulated to contain the lowest bromide level on the world market…6 ppm’s @ 35 ppt’s!

Crystal Sea cartons yield 35 ppt’s & our Bulk Bags yield 32 ppt’s.

Crystal Sea- referenced by the U.S. EPA since 1988 as a replacement for NSW. Want to see our Assay?

Crystal Sea- personalized service at its finest! Want to see references & testimonials?

Contact us today!