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Air Diffusers/Bubblers


A happy, healthy lake, pond, or tank requires a good aeration system. Air diffusers are an efficient and economical way to introduce oxygen (or other gasses) into the water. Aquatic Solutions offers a wide selection of air diffusers (also known as air stones) This includes diffuser tubing, flat ceramic, diffuser manifolds, and much more.


Fountains and surface aerators look great and work well for relatively shallow water, but they aren't the best option for deeper ponds and tanks. For these situations, an air diffuser that sits on or near the bottom of the water is a better choice. This type of aeration diffuser is more effective at mixing the air with all of the water in the pond, and the air spends more time in contact with the water. Pond air diffusers also tend to be more efficient, as they only need the energy to pump air, not water.


You have a number of different options when it comes to choosing an air diffuser, and finding the best diffuser for your needs depends on the size and shape of your pond or tank, how many fish you have, and a number of other factors. Choose from coarse or micro bubble air diffusers, air curtains, cylindrical or flat diffusers, expandable systems, and more. A pond diffuser can be made from several types of materials, including ceramic, rubber or EPDM, silica, and aluminum oxide. Ceramic and silica air diffusers are efficient and resistant to clogging, and they produce very consistent bubbles. Rubber and EPDM (a type of rubber) membrane air diffusers are very affordable and often easy to clean. Aluminum oxide diffusers are considered to be some of the most durable available.


Need help choosing an air diffuser? Gives a call at 515-276-2782 We'll be happy to discuss your project and recommend the best type of aeration system for your requirements.