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Calcium Reactors

Calcium Reactors you can "Set and forget" while consistently dosing ALL trace elements. There is a reason why industry professionals choose MRC® Calcium Reactors and those same reasons should also be yours. We’ve set and maintained the standard since 2000 and we continue to innovate on top of that already solid foundation.
 Safe No chemicals to store, nothing to expire, precipitate, settle, or evaporate. MRC® Calcium Reactors dose from the EXACT same materials that your corals are made of in a consistent and accurate way that will not only promote stability, but also success.
Effective Letting your gear do all the work is fun; dosing supplements, not so much. Media can easily last up to a year or more when used in an MRC® Calcium Reactor. This allows you to concentrate on what really matter to the most, not expensive and messy chemicals.
Upgradeable When we set out to design our Calcium Reactors we made sure you’d have a path to upgrade upon. When your happy, healthy, vibrant corals outgrow your current system we will be able to assist you in finding the right expansion to use the very same equipment you started with.