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Biological Filtration

Fluidized Sand Filters utilize continually moving "porous sand" in a clear acrylic column to provide large de-nitrification capacity in a small footprint.

These proven Bio filters have a distinct advantage over other types of Bio filters as 100 % of the media surface area is utilized in the de-nitrification process. They are capable of being placed inline in a low pressure system and maintain a constant flow rate with virtually no maintenance.

Specifically engineered Ph compatible medias allow FSF filters to be used in either Marine or Freshwater applications.

Coupled to an Ozone equipped Protein Fractionator, they create a complete Aquatic Life Support System.

Innovation and quality are built into every Aquatic Life Support product.

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Fluidized Beds Include:

  • Fresh or Seawater media
  • Check valve and flow pumps with union connectors
  • Media restarts automatically with water flow

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