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Liquid Foods

Instant Algae® products are pure, phototrophically grown, highly-concentrated marine microalgae. The algal cells are non-viable but intact, retaining all their nutritional value.

Instant Algae® has all the advantages and characteristics of live algae without the large investment of infrastructure, time, and labor required to grow it yourself. There is no need to worry about phytoplankton culture crashes. Instant Algae® products have long shelf-lives so they are always available when you need them—no worries about timing phytoplankton production to coincide with your zooplankton production schedule. All Instant Algae® are grown in closed systems remote from the ocean using artificial seawater, so they are free from pathogens. And they are very easy to use because they disperses instantly in water. The concentrate can be pumped directly into your zooplankton culture system, or simply add concentrate to a bucket of water, stir, then add to your zooplankton culture system or greenwater tank.

Our Instant Algae® products are used in hatcheries in 80 countries around the world for fish, shrimp, and shellfish larvaculture, as well as public aquariums and hobbyist reef tanks.