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Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to Invest Up to $5 Million in Strengthening the American Aquaculture Economy

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Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research to Invest Up to $5 Million in Strengthening the American Aquaculture Economy


Stephanie Miles


http://foundationfar.org/challenge/protein-challenge/aquaculture/ .

About the Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research

The Foundation for Food and Agriculture Research, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization established by bipartisan congressional support in the 2014 Farm Bill, builds unique partnerships to support innovative and actionable science addressing today's food and agriculture challenges. FFAR leverages public and private resources to increase the scientific and technological research, innovation, and partnerships critical to enhancing sustainable production of nutritious food for a growing global population. The FFAR Board of Directors is chaired by Mississippi State University President Mark Keenum, Ph.D., and includes ex officio representation from the U.S. Department of Agriculture and National Science Foundation.

Learn more: www.foundationfar.org | Newsletter

Pro-Tect UV Systems by RK2 Systems

Pro-Tect UV Systems: Affordable, Practical SolutionsIntroducing RK2's new line of Pro-Tect UV systems. All Pro-Tect UV systems feature durable, non-corrosive schedule 80 PVC reaction chambers. Each system utilizes single end glassware assemblies which simplify maintenance and reduce over all labor costs associated with operating a UV system. Our inlet/outlet ports are engineered to ensure optimal [...]

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Caribbean fish biodiversity

Caribbean fish biodiversity shown to be linked to sea temperature01 June 2017 A study published today in the Journal of Biogeography has utilised “citizen science” to produce a new map of marine fish biodiversity across the Caribbean and beyond.The work, performed by scientists from Plymouth’s Marine Biological Association and Denmark’s Center for Macroecology, Evolution & Climate, [...]

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SFP initiative aims for 75 percent sustainable seafood globally

SFP initiative aims for 75 percent sustainable seafood globally By Cliff White Published on June 6, 2017Share The Sustainable Fisheries Partnership announced on Monday, 5 June at the SeaWeb Seafood Summit in Seattle, Washington, U.S.A., the launch of an initiative aimed achieving the goal of seeing 75 percent of the world’s seafood sourced sustainably [...]

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Advanced Aquarium Filtration Systems

As hobbyists ourselves, we realize that regardless of how many standard sizes we offer, there will always be several situations that require customization This is were Bashsea began, creating custom life support systems for commercial and high end custom aquariums. Bashsea thrives on creating any and everything that is not standard. We have no boundaries when [...]

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What is in your Salt mix?

Having had the privilege of attending the AALSO Conference in Denver, and sitting in on Dr. Ed Latson’s excellent presentation, it became readily apparent that Crystal Sea is on the cutting edge of providing the most benefits for the health of your animals:Question…why switch to Crystal Sea Marinemix?Because you’re tired of being short-changed by other salt brands that only [...]

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Sodium Thiosulfate in Salt Mix

Crystal Sea Marinemix is ideal for use with municipal tap water containing chlorine/chloramines since it contains sodium thiosulfate (de-chlorinator). The sodium thiosulfate de-chlorinator included in our standard Crystal Sea Marinemix is completely harmless to marine life. Other than the sodium thiosulfate, the formula of Crystal Sea Marinemix and Crystal sea Bioassay Laboratory Formula Marinemix are precisely the same (see Assay). The [...]

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Shrimp Farming, Are you using the right salt mix?

Wherever there is a need to duplicate natural seawater … Crystal Sea® is essential. Scientifically formulated to contain the major, minor and trace elements to support any form of marine life. Ideally suited for use in public aquaria, aquaculture, university research, environmental study, ornamental fish and reef aquaria. Over four decades of success internationally!One [...]

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Aquaculture Importance Discussed at Sustainable Seafood Week

Aquaculture Importance Discussed at Sustainable Seafood Week10 July 2015US - Seafood accounts for 16.6 per cent of global animal protein consumption and plays an essential role in food security, providing over 3 billion people with 20 per cent of their protein intake. As a source of micronutrients and heart protecting fatty acids, the consensus that [...]

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Biosecurity Do you have a plan?

An introduction to fish culture biosecurityThe intensification of fish culture provides an ideal environment in which disease-causing organisms can flourish and cause serious damage to productivity. Disease may come from any number of sources; however it originates, it spreads through recognised vectors of infection. These include fish stocks, staff and visitors, equipment, vehicles and transportation, [...]

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