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The Original Minnow-Saver Fish Graders

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There BACK! The complete line of Minnow Saver Fish Graders and Aerators are all available.

Chose from the L-20 grader ( 19-1/2" W X 23-1/2" Long X 10-1/2" Deep) or the L-40 grader (23-1/2" Wide X 38-3/4" Long X 10-1/2" Deep) All are available with interchangeable baskets from 8/64" to 96/64"

We now have the 12VDC and the 110V Aerators available!

The History of Protein Skimming

The first documented examples of using foam generation to remove organic compounds from water can be traced to Ostwald, and independently, Schutz in 1937 (Ostwald, 1937; Schutz, 1937). Thiel claims that water purification via skimming was introduced into the aquarium hobby in the 1960's by Huckstedt (Thiel, 1997; Huckstedt, 1972), but the practice did not [...]

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What is Protein Skimming?

Water purification through skimming has been thoroughly reviewed in the aquarium literature (Holmes-Farley, 2006) and so the description of the basics will be brief. In essence, skimming involves introducing air bubbles into aquarium water, and then physically removing those bubbles after they have absorbed organic impurities. The mechanisms by which the bubbles are introduced, how [...]

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Bashsea Smart Series Sumps !

The Smart Series design was inspired by the Triton method of reefing that is not just limited to the Triton method. With this sump you can choose refugium first (Triton Method) or the traditional method of reefing (skimmer first) by utilizing their duel slide control system and smart baffle design.The smart Series allows the [...]

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Aquatic Life Support Systems

Aquatic life support systems, whether for zoos or aquariums, demand cutting-edge equipment and state-of-the-art design solutions.  We’re driven by knowledge of aquatic science. Whether you need assistance with concept development, installation, retrofitting, turnkey systems, training or troubleshooting, we have the vision and expertise to bring your aquatic system to life.EXPERTISE ALWAYS BY YOUR SIDEWith over [...]

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The Future of Food? Aquaculture & Aquaponics

The Future of Food? Aquaculture & AquaponicsNovember 21, 2018 We learn about new ways of growing our food. There’s aquaculture; growing fish and crops in coastal waters and the open ocean. At the mouth of the Piscataqua River, a UNH-led team has designed a raft that serves as a pen for steelhead trout, with mussels and [...]

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XFLO Protein Skimmer! Professional Grade Equipment for the Advance Aquarist and Life Support.

XFLO Protein Skimmer! Professional Grade Equipment for the Advance Aquarist and Life Support.Why XFLO?With the ever varying protein skimmer designs available today, what makes the XFLO stand out?Design 6" Diameter Reaction Chamber allows for proper mixing of air and water in comparison to the design of cone skimmers that reduce water and air mixing, which [...]

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Pro-Tect UV Systems: Affordable, Practical Solutions from RK2 Systems

Introducing RK2's new line of Pro-Tect UV systems. All Pro-Tect UV systems feature durable, non-corrosive schedule 80 PVC reaction chambers. Each system utilizes single end glassware assemblies which simplify maintenance and reduce over all labor costs associated with operating a UV system. Our inlet/outlet ports are engineered to ensure optimal hydraulic mixing inside the reaction [...]

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Regenerative Blowers are not created equal! We have the best!

We have just the solution to your Regenerative Blower needs. Our blowers are more energy efficient, easier to maintain and QUIET!  These blowers  have the following features that most blowers don't have:High quality double shielded stainless steel sealed bearings are standard Quality Viton seal on the motor shaftBuilt in thermal protectors for overload protection as standardAnodized for corrosion [...]

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The Importance of Biosecurity Disinfection

Biosecurity in aquaculture consists of practices that minimize the risk of introducing an infectious disease and spreading it to the animals at a facility and the risk that diseased animals or infectious agents will leave a facility and spread to other sites and to other susceptible species. These practices also reduce stress to the animals, [...]

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