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Shrimp Farming, Are you using the right salt mix?

Shrimp Farming, Are you using the right salt mix?

Posted by Aquatic Solutions, LLC on 25th Sep 2015

Wherever there is a need to duplicate natural seawater … Crystal Sea® is essential. Scientifically formulated to contain the major, minor and trace elements to support any form of marine life. Ideally suited for use in public aquaria, aquaculture, university research, environmental study, ornamental fish and reef aquaria. Over four decades of success internationally!

One salt does it all!

What’s in Your Water?

Crystal Sea® Marinemix, the industry’s leading artificial seawater mix, has been manufactured for over 40 years in our own plant, under the strictest quality control and is referenced by the U.S. EPA. In light of recent product contamination concerns, it’s important to know that Crystal Sea is MADE IN THE U.S.A.! 

No binders, No E.D.T.A, No brown muck to foul your system.

Some brands of salt mix are not intended for food production.