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Sodium Thiosulfate in Salt Mix

Posted by Aquatic Solutions, LLC on 11th Jul 2016

Crystal Sea Marinemix is ideal for use with municipal tap water containing chlorine/chloramines since it contains sodium thiosulfate (de-chlorinator). The sodium thiosulfate de-chlorinator included in our standard Crystal Sea Marinemix is completely harmless to marine life. Other than the sodium thiosulfate, the formula of Crystal Sea Marinemix and Crystal sea Bioassay Laboratory Formula Marinemix are precisely the same (see Assay). The U.S. EPA bioassay research testing facilities primarily use our Crystal Sea Bioassay Laboratory Formula Marinemix (no sodium thiosulfate) since their testing protocols recommend a marine salt formula as close to natural seawater as possible. We are proud to be referenced by the U.S. EPA since 1988 as a replacement for natural seawater, especially since the EPA bioassay testing protocols require a marine salt that maintains the most sensitive of marine organisms…each and every time! Since the Bioassay Formula is a limited run of production, the cost is therefore slightly higher per our CS-150BA 150 gallon carton or our CS-BB10KBA 10,000 gallon Bulk Bags. The majority of our commercial aquaculture, seafood and public aquarium clients use our standard Crystal Sea Marinemix. We are one of the only salt companies worldwide with the sophisticated mixing capability to evenly blend sodium thiosulfate throughout the entire Marinemix in the production process. Even if you’re using well water (without chlorine), the sodium thiosulfate will simply dissipate within 18 to 24 hours with adequate aeration, since it is oxidized out of solution in the presence of oxygen. If you are adding ozone into your system, the sodium thiosulfate helps prevent ozone spikes during water changes.

With reverse osmosis/de-ionization pre- filtering of the tap water, you would not technically need the sodium thiosulfate. Where a higher degree of water purity is required, the vast majority of our laboratory research and reef system customers use the R/O-D/I method, and our Bioassay Formula is ideal for this pre-filtering process.

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