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XFLO Protein Skimmer! Professional Grade Equipment for the Advance Aquarist and Life Support.

XFLO Protein Skimmer! Professional Grade Equipment for the Advance Aquarist and Life Support.

Posted by Aquatic Solutions, LLC on 18th Oct 2018

XFLO Protein Skimmer! Professional Grade Equipment for the Advance Aquarist and Life Support.


With the ever varying protein skimmer designs available today, what makes the XFLO stand out?
Design 6" Diameter Reaction Chamber allows for proper mixing of air and water in comparison to the design of cone skimmers that reduce water and air mixing, which diminishes the removal of soluble oragnics.
Counter current flow — sends water from the top of the reaction chamber down through the rising bubbles to create
a counter current, stripping action that allows maximum soluble organic removal. Baffle Plates Inside the riser cone stop circular swirling of the water and foam head and create a “ladder effect” pushing the foam upwards to be ejected from riser cone into the collection cup. Externally Mounted Pump displaces less water inside the reaction chamber and allows for greater contact time with the dirty water. This also allows for a lower injection point of the bubbles which allows the bubbles to have longer contact times as they rise inside the reaction chamber XFLO’s Domed Lid allows the foam to roll away from the center and drips to the edge of the riser cone and into collection cup. 

Through this process we prevent foam with trapped organics from collapsing back into the reacton chamber thus
increasing our collection capabilities. The lid also features a vent for air/ozone. Collection Cups are sealed with a simple o-ring that allows for easy removal for cleaning with no union to reak or thumbscrews to undo. A red cover for the riser in the cup ensures no skimmate spills out while carrying. The cup also features multiple options for skimmate draining/removal, allowing for versatile installations. Cleaning the XFLO is quick, simple, and requires no tools. The collection cup and lid separate from the rise tube by just a simple lift. The riser cone has a twist lock connection to remove for easy cleaning of the cone. The baffle plates easily slide out for cleaning and for access to the reaction chamber body. 

Flexible Installation – The XFLO can be installed inside or outside of the sump. Included is a flexible hose that allows for versatile skimmer/pump locations. Pump also has the abillity to be in sump or out of sump as well. 2.5 and 3.5 Venturi Models Shown 

Demand a Higher Standard !
From the materials we use to our research and testing, XFLO was developed and designed with a higher standard in
mind. We want to clear up the misconceptions and false statements in the current Protein Skimmer market.
• Materials. XFLO is made from the highest quality material available. Our molded
bases are made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) requiring no gluing or
bonding to fabricate. The reaction chamber is made from a single section of
acrylic tube. The riser cone, collection cup, and collection cup lid are made from
non breakable polycarbonate material and our Mazzei Air Injector (Venturi model
only) is made from highly durable ozone resistant Kynar. This guarantees it will
not break down when exposed to ozone.
• Extensive Testing and Research. XFLO has been tested and designed to run at
specific levels of air injection. Don’t believe that the more air/bubbles you inject
the better the skimmer will perform. The concept of increasing air flow while
increasing contact times is scientifically impossible. Too much air and the reaction
chamber fills with only foam which displaces water and decreases bubble
contact time with “dirty” water, along with the true tank turnover rate.
• Experience. RK2 Systems Inc, the parent company of XFLO, has been the industry
standard for over 25 years in the public aquarium/zoo sectors. We’ve taken that
knowledge and design, applying it to a protein skimmer for the home aquarium.
• Made in the USA!

The most important things to consider when purchasing a protein skimmer are performance,
reliability, and durability. XFLO Protein Skimmers combine all the above to deliver one of the most innovative protein skimmers available today! 
If a protein skimmer looks good and doesn’t perform,
how good is it?

2.5 Needle Wheel Model Shown