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What is in your Sea Salt? Fillers, binders, EDTA?

Ask yourself, What is in your salt? Fillers, binders, EDTA?We utilize 100% natural elements in the production of Crystal Sea. Each element is individually procured, processed and blended, unlike evaporated salts that are extremely inconsistent. We require Certificates of Analysis from every supplier of raw materials. We utilize both internal and external laboratory testing of both raw materials and finished product. [...]

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Looking for a career in Aquaculture?

Aquaculture North America's annual "Aquaculture Training & Education" 2014 supplement is now available to download.The supplement features a variety of colleges, universities and training institutes which offer aquaculture related courses and qualifications. We encourage you to forward the supplement to any friends, family or colleagues interested in a career in aquaculture. Click below to be [...]

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Looking to replace that old Blower?

We have just the solution to your Regenerative Blower needs. Our blowers are more energy efficient, easier to maintain and QUIET!  These blowers  have the following features that most blowers don't have:High quality double shielded stainless steel sealed bearings are standard Quality Viton seal on the motor shaftBuilt in thermal protectors for overload protection as standardAnodized for corrosion [...]

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Introducing RK2 Systems

We are proud to introduce and represent RK2 Systems. the finest in Foam Fractionators / Protein Skimmers, Filtration Systems and Ozone Generators.The best is Made In America! Protein Fractionation filtration removes suspended particulates, dissolved organics, proteins and tints. At the same time, protein fractionation lowers bacteria and pathogen concentrations, while saturating the water with oxygen. Traditional water [...]

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